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Customer from Papua New Guinea visited our factory in An Ping

Number of visits: Date:2016-09-13 09:05:50

Sep.8, a customer from Papua New Guinea came to visit our factory in AnPing

   Sep.8, Bill, a customer from Papua New Guinea came to our factory, An Ping, Hebei. Before that he talked to Edson An, one of the sales men on Wechat and showed big intereat to the chain link fence machine. After talking for a few days about the details, Bill came up with an idea of coming to China to see the chain link fence machine for real.8th, accompanied by Edson, he visited the exhibition hall in An Ping. He spoke highly of the new established exhibition hall. He operated the whole process of production with the guide of Edson. He said he wanted to start a long-term business relationship with us because of the quality of the chain link fence machine. Then, 10th, he gave us an order of one set of chain link fence machine.

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